Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why is this man smiling at me like that?

I went to the gym today and was looking pretty rough after sweating so much. I went to get something to eat right after I left the gym and this man making my food kept staring me. He was smiling at me a lot and flirting and trying to know more about me. I felt pretty darn good at this moment. I am still in shock that any guy would be interested in me after being so gross after the gym. It also made me feel good that my natural hair was cute to him too. I love it! :) In the first picture, my hair was wet, so don't pay attention to the white stuff. I still use the same hair products. I love me some Miss Jessie's! My hair always looks and feels great!


Nethea said...

Your first picture just makes it easier to see how curly your hair really is. Wow!

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