Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Learning something everyday!

I was having a problem with my hair shrinking too much after washing and drying it. Well, this week I finally figured out my problem! Since I have been in Spain, I have been applying sunflower oil and hair mousse to my hair, which actually works wonderfully! I was getting a little too generous with the application of mousse and my hair never seemed to move. My hair was shrinking everyday and it didn't appear it's actual length, even after doing wet twists. I am so excited about this journey and I feel like I am finding myself! I truly wish I would have done this a long time ago, because my hair has grown so much within the last few weeks. As a black woman with relaxed hair, I've never had my hair grow so fast EVER! Sometimes I love my hair and then other times, I want to chop off all of these straight ends. I want to practice patience so that I can cut my hair when I am ready. It's only week 13, but I am willing to wait a few more months before I decide to cut everything off.