Tuesday, December 1, 2009

YES! Finally the Big Chop!

November 26, 2009 I finally BC'd!!! I have never felt so relieved before. At first, I did not know what to think about my hair, but everyday I am growing to love it! It feels so nice to have my hair the way God created it. I love my natural hair now! I can't believe how long my TWA really is and I can't wait to go back home in 2 weeks and get my real hair cut! I still have some straight ends on my head, but thank goodness Lockstar is going to hook me up! :) I also need my hair shaped in the back as well. One thing that I have been looking at on the internet is different hair types. It probably shouldn't matter what hair type I am, but it is something that I know every black woman going natural is curious about. Women want to know if they are a 4a, b, c or in the 3 category. It seems like the most dreaded hair pattern is 4c, because the individual hairs are in the shape of a 'Z.' Right now I am using Miss Jessies' Curly Buttercreme and Curly Pudding and so far, so good. I learned that you have to use both at the same time, because the first time, I used the Curly Pudding alone, and my hair was very dry after that. When I used the two products together, my hair was gorgeous! I've read a lot of negative reviews about Miss Jessie's products and I personally think these people are using entirely too much of the product at once. A lot of people say that it makes your hair greasy or it makes your hair brittle. Everyone has to alter their hair care according to their own hair! The label might say add a lot of the product, but only you can know how much your hair really needs. You can figure this out by trial and error. After going completely natural, I refuse to get a relaxer ever again! I never liked sitting in the beauty salons for a whole day. I never liked getting scabs on my scalp from the relaxer. All I really want is healthy hair. I can't wait for it to grow out! :)

I also wanted to write this down, because I thought that this was the most traumatizing statement! About a year ago, I was in the salon getting a relaxer, and my stylist was telling me how frustrating and matted up my hair was at the root. She then said that if I was wondering how my hair would be natural, that this was it! That was horrifying to hear! I've always wanted to go natural and this one statement set me back! I thought I was going to have a brillo pad for hair and now I am completely surprised with my hair in its natural state. I think it's beautiful and I commend any other sistas that have gone through this process and stayed strong! :)