Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shingling vs Shrinkage

Everybody knows I am a huge fan of the Miss Jessie's products. I have been doing my wash and go's with the Curly Pudding then shingling my hair. If you don't know what that is, shingling is combing the product through your hair, whether it's with your fingers or an actual comb. I started to get nervous a few weeks ago, because my hair was getting too big with the shingling technique. I was actually overwhelmed so my sister suggested another technique. She told me I should just leave my hair alone after I use the styling creme and see how it looks. I absolutely loved my results! Last night I used MJ Stretch Silkening Creme for my wash and go and I liked that too. Both Curly Pudding and Stretch Silkening Creme are very similar. At the top there are two pictures for comparison of shingling and shrinkage. The first was taken today and I have more shrinkage going on. Shrinkage is actually my friend now lol and I am no longer afraid of it. The second picture shows how my hair turned out with the shingling method. Right now I think I'm going to stop shingling my hair until it actually gets longer and hangs more.


Nethea said...

Isn't it amazing how the properties of your hair (shrinkage, shingling, twist outs) can give you so much versatility? Just wait until your hair grows even longer... You will have so many more options in how you choose to look! :):):)

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