Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 months natural! yay!

My twist outs are looking better than ever! I just used MJ Baby Buttercreme and spritzed water on my hair every morning. Here's a picture of my hair today. I can't believe tomorrow is wash day already lol.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts

Right now I am sitting down watching a marathon of the old horror tv show "Monsters" and I am deep conditioning (with no heat) my hair with Lekair Hair Cholesterol Plus along with some olive oil. I started to realize how much I hate it when my hair is super defined. Last week I did a twist out using MJ Curly Pudding and Baby Buttercreme. My hair looked great, but it wasn't my style. My hair was in these tiny cute little curls, but it didn't give me big hair. I like my hair to be somewhat wild looking and a little frizzy too.

Here is what my hair looked like last week.

Mini Twists:

Mini Twist out:

Today I am going to twist my hair just using MJ Baby Buttercreme, because it gives me the look I desire. I am also going to do bigger twists, because I'm not into having a lot of curl definition anymore.

I can't wait to look like this again!