Saturday, April 17, 2010

I just started banding my hair! :)

Wednesday night I twisted my hair for a twist out and it looked great the first day and so so the second day. The third day I woke up and my hair looked terrible and very fuzzy at the root. I finally realized why my hair looked like this. It's because i only used MJ Baby Buttercreme to twist my hair. Usually I use that and MJ Curly Pudding for a good hold. I didn't want to wash my hair again, so I separated the curls and fluffed my hair out. My hair looked super cute, so I decided to try banding overnight to keep this look and so far, it's worked! I'm glad I have other options for my hair!

This is me with my banded hair.

This is my hair after I took the bands out! I love this technique now!


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